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Final Program & Registration for the MSH Annual Meeting, Oxford, March 24-26, 2022

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Hello, everyone! In spite of our best efforts, the conference platform Luma has caused technical difficulties, so we are shutting it down as a means for logging into the sessions virtually.

Sessions will still be available via Zoom. You'll need to manually type in the Zoom meeting ID and passcode for the events you want to attend, which are all laid out on the final program below. Thank you for bearing with us!

Click on the image for the full program and speaker bios.

If you find yourself needing extra help on conference weekend, contact Jonathon Penny, Kristine Haglund, James Egan, Ronald Bartholomew, or Elizabeth Pinborough. If you are in Oxford, be sure to join our WhatsApp group. You can also message us through the conference platform on Luma. We’ll be keeping an eye on the MSH Facebook group, too, so you can ask questions there.

See you next week in Oxford!

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