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Call for MSH Executive Secretary, 2023-2026: Apply by 8 August 2023

The Mormon Scholars in the Humanities (MSH), founded in 2007, is an independent scholarly community that supports faith-lit humanities scholarship. The MSH Executive Board wishes to publicly and sincerely thank the outgoing Executive Secretary Elizabeth Pinborough, now nearing the completion of her term this Summer, for her years of organizational vision and dedicated service to our community. With her support, we invite candidates interested in assuming the next term as MSH Executive Secretary.
The successful candidate will receive the following:

1. The Executive Secretary position on the MSH Executive board with a renewable three-year term (Fall 2023-Summer 2026). 2. Entrepreneurial autonomy over all MSH internal organizational matters and recordkeeping. 3. A modest annual stipend subject to (the otherwise volunteer) MSH Executive approval.

4. Covered MSH conference fees during their term of service.

The successful candidate will be charged with the following:

1. Leading all internal matters of the MSH organization, such as leading the recordkeeping for conference and event planning, meeting minutes, organization subscriptions, and record archiving and security.

2. Aiming to sustain and improve the MSH Executive’s vision for faith-lit humanistic scholarship.

3. Participating in light internal committee work and brief monthly MSH Executive Zoom meetings.

4. Welcoming and responding to brief annual performance reviews.

Man Seated With His Reading and Writing Materials before Him, Ryūryūkyo Shinsai

To apply by 8 August 2023, please email MSH President Benjamin Peters ( and MSH Executive Secretary Elizabeth Pinborough (, with the subject line “MSH Executive Secretary” the following details:

1. A brief statement of your interest in the position.

2. Your resume or CV with evidence of relevant experience bundled as a single .pdf.

The proposed timeline follows:

1. Review begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

2. The application deadline for full consideration is August 8, 2023.

3. The successful candidate will be contacted soon and trained by the outgoing Executive Secretary.

4. The term of the successful candidate will be announced in September 2023.

Please share the word! We look forward to working with you to better organize our species of writ & vision,

Benjamin Peters, Incoming MSH President (I welcome questions to

Kristine Haglund, Vice President

James Egan, Vice President and Treasurer

Elizabeth Pinborough, Executive Secretary

Tod Robbins, Executive Technology Officer

MSH Call for Executive Secretary
Download PDF • 75KB

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