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This is a new site, so the list of members below does not yet reflect the size of our association. Current and prospective members are encouraged to use the membership request form to help us bring the list of members up to date. Thanks!
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NameInstitution or StateWebsite
Andersen, Tyler Idaho State University Link 
Armstrong, John Southern Virginia University Link 
Ashurst-McGee, Mark Brigham Young University Link 
Austin, Michael Newman University Link 
Baclawski, Charles Arkansas State University—Jonesboro Link 
Baker, Jacob Claremont Graduate University Link 
Bartholomew, Ronald Church Educational System  
Benfell, Stan Brigham Young University Link 
Birch, Brian Utah Valley University Link 
Bowman, Matthew Georgetown University Link 
Brassard, Brooke University of Victoria Link 
Brockbank, Wyatt Brigham Young University Link 
Brown, Andrew Washington University in St. Louis Link 
Brown, Kaila Duke University Link 
Bushman, Richard Claremont Graduate University Link 
Caudle, Kirk Marylhurst University Link 
Chapman, Brittany Church History Department  
Chapman, Ryan Southern Virginia University  
Colvin, Gina University of Canterbury Link 
Couch, Robert Willamette University Link 
Cranney, Carl The Catholic University of America  
Crawford, Cory Ohio University Link 
Crosby, Ben Iowa State University Link 
Deaver, LauriAnn Boise State University  
DeGuire, Melissa Brigham Young University  
Dransfield, Scott Southern Virginia University LInk 
Faulconer, James Brigham Young University Link 
Fox, Russell Friends University Link 
Gardner, Tyler Graduate Theological Union  
Givens, Terryl University of Richmond Link 
Goff, Alan DeVry University—Phoenix  
Gordon, Nathan University of Colorado  
Gore, David University of Minnesota—Duluth  
Grandy, David Brigham Young University  
Hales, Scott University of Cincinnati Link 
Halling, Anna-Lisa Vanderbilt University  
Handley, George Brigham Young University Link 
Hardy, Grant University of North Carolina—Asheville Link 
Haug, Jordan University of California, San Diego Link 
Heap, David Arizona  
Hegstrom, Tim San José State University Link 
Hegstrom, Valerie Brigham Young University Link 
Henrichsen, Chris Casper College  
Hodges, Blair Georgetown University (fall '11) Link 
Hollingshaus, Wade Brigham Young University  
Holt, James University of Chester  
Houchens, Jesse Ohio University  
Huff, Benjamin Randolph-Macon College Link 
Hurlbut, Jesse Brigham Young University Link 
Hurst, Alan   
Isaksen, David Erland Brigham Young University Link 
John, Jeremiah Southern Virginia University Link 
Jones, Christopher College of William and Mary Link 
Jones, Jan-Erik Southern Virginia University Link 
Jorgensen, Bruce Brigham Young University Link 
Kirk-Rogers, Sandra Southern Virginia University  
Krause, James Brigham Young University LInk 
Larson, Glen Springfield, Missouri  
Leonardo, Maria Selma Universidade Federal de Goiás  
Merrill, Brian Brigham Young University—Idaho  
Mower, Gordy Brigham Young University  
Newswander, Lynita University of South Dakota  
Oman, Nathan College of William and Mary Link 
Ostenson, Joseph Brigham Young University  
Park, Ben Cambridge University LInk 
Paxman, David Brigham Young University Link 
Peck, David Brigham Young University—Idaho  
Penny, Jonathon United Arab Emirates University Link 
Petersen, Boyd Utah Valley University Link 
Pinborough, Elizabeth   
Pratt, Dale Brigham Young University Link 
Rees, Robert Graduate Theological Union  
Reeve, Paul University of Utah Link 
Reeves, Aaron University of Essex  
Reis, Wanderley UCLA  
Renker, Cindy University of Texas at Dallas  
Ro, Brandon The Catholic University of America Link 
Rubilar, Lisa Forest, Virginia  
Russell, Reed Kansas City, Missouri  
Rytting, Jenny Northwest Missouri State University Link 
Silverman, William Southern Virginia University Link 
Smith, Rodney Southern Virginia University Link 
Smout, Kary Washington and Lee University Link 
Soper, Kathryn Lynard Salt Lake City, Utah Link 
Sorensen, Kelly Ursinus College Link 
Spencer, Joseph University of New Mexico Link 
Taylor, MaryAnn Mountain View College  
Tobey, Emily Indiana University  
Torgerson, Richard Kent State University Link 
Totten, Gary North Dakota State University  
Wade, Jonathan Meredith College Link 
Webb, Jenny Los Alamos, New Mexico Link 
Welch, Rosalynde St. Louis, Missouri  
Westman, Lee Ann University of Texas at El Paso  
White, Jared University of California—Irvine Link 
Wilson, Mac Rutgers University Link 
Showing 96 items